A sweet message earlier this week reminded me of this, so! My piece for the eruri artbook project this spring.
I lost one of my cats. He had a wretched personality, but I’m heartsick all the same.
hbd Kagami feat. bakery AU about two big dumb boys who smell like fresh bread all the time
i.e. things harunamotokis and I could talk about endlessly ///

Title: summer heatArtist: clovenTeam: Team 1Theme: flowersNotes: carnations for love, orange tulips for enthusiasm, daisies for innocence! ♥

detail shot:
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Anonymous asked:
as far as the tentacle backgrounds are concerned, how do you feel about people adjusting their colors to match themes? i know your sidebar says don't edit, but i'd figure i ask just in case

Generally I prefer people not edit my work, but those are sort of a special case. So long as proper credit is given, I suppose I don’t mind if the colors are tweaked. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous asked:
Sempai! Can you show us your old drawings? Em not sure if this was asked before but I really love you art. :)

oh lord have mercy. SURE.

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butchers every character design I touch
that said, Zankyou no Terror is excellent and you should watch it.
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If you think I’m not serious about this trash ship, you’re dead fuckin wrong.
[there’s also an 8tracks mix because this is a goddamn problem.]
A quick little companion to this, done for my madre’s birthday. C: